What to do when your basement floods in Brisbane?

What to do when your basement floods in Brisbane?

If any time in your life you are facing storm after storm, streets and houses left and right have been flooding. Anyone in the neighborhood has flooding recently? Keep in mind; it could likely be your home next. Unless your basement is waterproofed you or someone you know has likely experienced a flood in their house. Let’s face it! No one wants to hire a restoration company. The reality is things go worst. Results??? Pipes break, fires start and mold grows… life gives you lemons. If you think a pipe may have burst call the professional flood damage restoration Brisbane team to help immediately. 

 Have you imagined yourself stepping out of your bed at 3:00 AM to 2 inches of water in your bedroom? Always try to stay safe- Do not walk in standing water. Electrical lines can cause electrocution; no item is ever worth the risk to your health. If you must go in your basement, go as far as you can with rubber boots before the water.  

 Find the source- When you see that the water is entering inside your home like water streams that flow into the river, try to find where the water is coming from. Did a bathtub or sink overflow while no one was home? There could be any reason. 

 Preventive Measures to be carried out: 

 There are a few different ways to set yourself up for success when it comes to water entering your home. 

 Always keep in mind: 

  • Check your pipes 
  • Keep a regular check on the health of your sump pump. Make sure it is clear of debris 
  • Maintain gutters easy flowing and free of debris 
  • Take note of small leaks or cracks. Look for the source of even the smallest amount of water 
  • Professionally waterproof your basement 

 Contact Flood Damage Restoration Cleaning Professionals:  

 Call an emergency flood damage restoration company, like us. We are IIRC certified and have more than 20 years of experience in water damage restoration. All our professionals are skilled and certified. We have the tools to pump out water, dry out the area, take care of your belongings and clean, recover, and store any of your goods that may have been near the damage. Further, our team can also help walk you through the procedure and give you guidance on how to work with your insurance company. 

 Once you’ve established safety and are ready to start the process of removing water, we will call your insurance company and inform them about the damage that has happened. Our experts will take pictures and can help you document the damage. This is always the best idea. 

 We Guarantee: 

 Safe and Eco-friendly Solutions: We only make use of eco-friendly and harmless cleaning chemicals while performing the procedure. We also deodorize and sanitize your property. 

 Insured: We report everything from start to finish and help you with your insurance claim. 

 Affordability: Flood damage restoration services are priced at the most economic and affordable charges. We provide emergency services with no additional charges. 

 Latest Technology: Our technicians are equipped with the finest tools and best practices. 

 24×7 Availability: Offers 24×7 emergency services to make sure the safety of our customers and minimize the damage caused to buildings and property. 

 Quick response: Our team gives an instant response to handle any size loss from start to finish. Work diligently to get you back to normal as soon as possible. 

 Moreover, we offer several different types of flood damage restoration services in Australia and can help you prevent your basement from flooding.