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Carpets and rugs enhance the beauty of any place, be it huge organisations, hotels, restaurants, or the cosy ambience of home. Apart from beautifying the house, carpets bring contentment and relief, particularly during chilling winters. But the presence of blemishes, foul smell and dust might ruin them if an appropriate cleaning routine is not implemented.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Services by Supreme Cleaners

Supreme Cleaners has a focussed bunch of professionals who offer personalised carpet cleaning solutions considering their various elements and factors.

Our cleaning specialists perform carpet deep cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet flea treatment, carpet shampooing, carpet restoration, and other sanitization services throughout Gold Coast considering the condition of the carpet to successfully eradicate the occurrence of mites, bacteria and other microbes that get gathered in the carpet layers.

For difficult stains that emerge from the spilling of drinks, food, animal waste, etc., we provide quality services that remove the annoying stains and odour.

Thus, whatever the carpet cleaning requirements are, just reach us at 0480019035 and we will make sure your carpet looks like a brand new one.

We have innumerable customers who are content with our flawless services and have relied on for years on carpet cleaning as well as other related services. Following are the reasons.

  • We have restored many of their carpets to make them appear as new again
  • Carpet floors have become neat and clean because of us and , free of mites and bacteria
  • After we clean the carpet, no stain, no odour and no dirt are left on the carpet
  • Stubborn quality provided by our efficient and affable staff
  • Inexpensive prices

    Carpet Cleaning Prices in Gold Coast

    Carpet Cleaning Prices starting from approx.

    Items Prices
    1 Carpet $120 $140
    2 Carpet $130 $150
    3 Carpet $140 $160
    4 Carpet $150 $170
    5 Carpet and above $45-50 / Seat

    Pricing Terms and Conditions:

    *Our rates are subject to a minimum job value requirement ranging from $120 to $160, depending on your location.

    **Specialized stain removal or cleaning bodily fluids may result in an additional charge, subject to inspection and condition.

    ***Our New Carpet Cleaning Service is highly effective for areas of contamination up to the size of a dinner plate. However, if the contaminated area exceeds this size, it may be too significant for us to effectively decontaminate. In such cases, replacing the Carpet might be the best course of action.
    Unfortunately, certain stains of this size might have penetrated too deeply into the Carpet fibers for our cleaning solution to be fully effective. For your health and well-being, we strongly recommend considering Carpet replacement in these instances.

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    Importance of Carpet Cleaning

    The essential why carpet cleaning is a must are
    • Hygiene: By cleaning carpets and rugs, it is feasible to purge the collected dirt that includes hair, breadcrumbs, stains, dust, etc., which make the carpets appear shabby and worn out. They should be properly rinsed and will elevate the exquisiteness of all the places where they reside.
    • Removal of microbes: With thorough carpet cleaning, mites, fungi, bacteria, mould spores, viruses, etc. are removed, stopping them from thriving and causing allergies and asthma. As these undetectable inhabitants revel in the dirt in a humid climate or surrounding, a dirty carpet will be the ideal place for the procreation of microbes and with this, the well-being of the entire family is at risk.
    • No more odours: The diverse textures of the carpets are most likely to attract unpleasant odours from the environment. Hence, when carpets are not cleaned frequently, they begin to create nasty odours. Therefore, deep carpet cleaning is vital to evade them.
    • No More Dust: The dirt and filth hoarded on the rugs make them appear aged and faded. Moreover, they start losing their smoothness because of the collected dust if they remain unclean for a longer period of time.
    • Stains Removal: Some stains, particularly those which got spilled a long time back and have made a permanent position in the carpet, can be so difficult that basic vacuuming shall not lead to any removal, hence hiring experts for cleaning is favourable in such situations.
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    What are the basic carpet cleaning steps followed at Supreme Cleaners in Gold Coast?

    Though different types of dirt and stain require different customised cleaning process, here are some of the common procedures that we undertake for carpet cleaning.

    At first, the dirty carpet goes through vacuuming using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) which efficiently removes particles that are very tiny, thus extracting the mites and their droppings.

    Subsequently, a potent liquid solution consisting of detergent and disinfectant is poured into the carpet with the help of specific machinery, which has a direct impact on the micro-organisms that dwell in the carpet, such as bacteria, moulds, etc.

    Based on the type of grime and stain, it is then vaporised and flapped by dedicated machinery for home furnishings.

    Once it has sat for a few minutes, the carpet is rinsed with water, later a special water vacuum is used to remove the water and dirty residue.

    As the last step, the carpet should be kept for drying naturally for one to two days considering the climate or we can use mechanical means to extricate excess moisture from the carpet.

    At Supreme Cleaners, we offer a variety of cleaning services in the entire Gold Coast as per the cleaning treatments the carpet requires. We scrutinise the rugs first and then depending on its existing state and the materials with which they are made, we tailor-made specific cleaning ways that are favourable for them. A few of the very popular cleaning techniques that we use here are:

    Carpet Shampooing

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    Carpet Shampooing

    Regarded as the primary cleaning processes, carpet shampooing is very effective in removing the dust and debris that settles on the surface. This process eliminates all types of odour, dirt, and chafing. So, if the state of the carpet permits such deep wet cleaning, carpet shampooing is suggested. Carpet shampooing treatment is performed by pouring a disinfectant detergent solution in our carpet cleaning machines, where the soft-bristled brush scrubs the surface of the carpet and based on the carpet condition, the pressure of the brushes and the machine speed movement can be attuned.

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    Carpet Shampooing services in Australia

    Dry Cleaning

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    Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning service is ideally best to clean silk or wool carpets crafted by hands like Kilim or Persian carpets. This type of cleaning procedure is vital in some particular places, which needs cleaning on a daily basis devoid of the fuss or inconvenience of shutting the area to be cleaned. The cleaning steps in this process involve the usage of a chemical solution for dry cleaning. As a result, all the dirt and grime particles attached to the carpet are separated and then they are extracted from the carpet by a vacuum. Employing this cleaning procedure, all the home furnishings can be thoroughly cleaned, plus, they become dry and can be used immediately.

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    Carpet Dry Cleaning Services in Australia

    Steam Carpet Cleaning

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    Carpet Cleaning with Steam

    Steam cleaning is a popular modern technique to get rid of germs and dirt and also it is easy and has a green approach. With the aid of the innovative appliances accessible to us, we apply heat and pressurized steam to sterilize and eradicate all microbes by going underneath the fibres of the carpet.

    Depending on the type of machine used, two very different variants of steam cleaning can be done.

    Hot and dry steam cleaning: To start this method of cleaning, first, the water is heated to the boiling point such that it starts to generate steam. Then that hot steam is proficiently applied to the surface of the carpet. Due to high temperature of the steam, this steam cleaning treatment erases dirt, exterminates bacteria, viruses and larvae, and eliminates odours imbibed in the fibres. Thus, one can witness the carpet retaining its original fresh, bright state with this method.

    Cold and wet steam cleaning: In this process, the employed machines do not boil the water, hence, the steam is not hot, instead, it is excessively moist. The disadvantage of this process is that they consume extra water than the hot steam machine. Also, they do not destroy fungi or bacteria as the temperature of the water is not high enough.

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    Carpet Cleaning with Steam

    Hot Water

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    Hot Water Extraction Method

    This carpet cleaning procedure uses a blend of piping hot water and strong cleaning solutions to completely remove dirt and grime. In this process, the prepared mixture is injected deep into the carpet fibres under constant high pressure. This in turn, disintegrates dirt, dust and grime. Maintaining that constant pressure then a high-powered vacuum is used for the removal of hot water and all the dirt and stains from the carpet along with it, leaving the carpet plush, soft and dry.

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    Hot Water Extraction Method

    Carpet Stain Removal

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    Carpet Stain Removal

    Difficult stains need efficient cleaning methods to eliminate the complete existence of the stains by not causing any kind of harm the carpet fabric during the procedure. At Supreme Cleaners, we use proven personalised treatments to get rid of stains according to their nature.

    • Pet excretes or urine: To get rid of the stains and pungent odour of pet poop or pee, wet carpet cleaning with products such as ammonia mixed with cleaning solutions in water (very apt for washing wool and felt rugs) can be used for carpets of acrylic short-pile or polyester.
    • Beverages: To erase the stains that emerge from the spill of fruit juices, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, wine, sauces, egg or blood, a neutral detergent solution and white vinegar in warm water is rubbed on the surface of the carpet using a wet sponge and later cleaned and dried with a soft cloth.
    • Sugar/ glue stain: To remove stains of alcohol and glue, the most effective means is to apply alcohol mixed with water on the affected areas. However, potent industrial chemicals may be used for this purpose.
    • Ink or paints stain: Stains of oil, ink, bitumen, tar stains are very challenging. Hence, particular solvents are engaged for the dry cleaning of carpets and rugs with such stains. In the situation of paint stains, nail lacquer or ink, after applying the solvent for dry cleaning, the filthy area is dabbed with lukewarm water, eco-friendly detergent and cleaning vinegar. As a final step, the same solvent is reapplied to generate good outcomes.
    • Mud: If it is mud or dirt stains, they should be allowed to dry first. Later, we brush the area well with brushes or rotary machines considering the material. Later we pour a solution of three parts of water for one of ammonia or a specific solvent in the stained areas to completely erase the stains.
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    Carpet Stain Removal Services in Australia

    Carpet Flea Treatment

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    Carpet Flea Treatment and Cleaning

    If you have pets at home, then flea infestations are a commonplace occurrence as such infestations come from pets mostly. However, getting rid of fleas from carpet is not an easy task, only professionals with proper expertise can handle such a task. At Supreme Cleaners, our team members are trained and experienced to terminate the fleas and clean the carpet simultaneously without damaging the carpet material or environment. To eradicate fleas completely, we begin with a detailed vacuuming process, reaching every nook and corner. Vacuuming exempts from a major issue that comes with infestations, which is the presence of flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. Targeting just the adult fleas shall not prove productive because soon those eggs will give birth to another generation of teethers that we will have to deal with in the future. For ensuring the most satisfactory results, apart from vacuuming, we use insecticides and cleaning solutions to penetrate deep into the fibres where persistent and emerging fleas stay hidden.

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    Carpet Flea Treatment in Australia

    Carpet Odour Removal

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    Carpet Odour Removal Treatment

    The unbearable rank smell of carpet could be because of several unknown reasons. It might be the result of a sudden spill or due to the ill-effects of humidity. When a carpet is left in wet condition for an extended duration, it may generate moulds afterwards, which causes the unpleasant musty odours, irreversibly ruining the carpet simultaneously. At Supreme Cleaners, to remove that foul scent caused by moulds, we put emphasis on getting rid of the extra moisture by using a wet/dry vacuum. On successfully removing all the moisture, we choose anti-fungal cleaning solutions and disinfectants to rinse the carpet and expunge all traces of filthy stink or fungus. On the other hand, if the stench is triggered by any other factor, we are proficient in dealing with it also, using our superior carpet cleaning methods.

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    Carpet Odour Removal Services in Australia

    Mould Infestation

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    Mould Infestation Treatment

    Mould is extremely harmful to carpets, as it decomposes the fibres and at the same time, it is tough to get rid of. We recommend that if the carpet has stayed wet for many days or if the mould impacted area exceeds 2 square meters on the carpet, then you must appoint an expert. To properly treat a mould infestation, the carpet is scrupulously vacuumed and then sprayed an anti-mould solution over the surface ensuring the spray fully absorbs the carpet fibres. As the last effective step, we scrub the carpet on both sides and keep it for drying. Thus, our professional bunch of cleaners skilfully control and eradicate the mould infestation off the carpet.

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    Carpet Odour Removal Services in Australia

    Why are carpet cleaning and maintenance important on a regular basis?

    For the carpets that are placed in public areas with high foot falls, like in a restaurant, or in an office or a casino, we advise to implement a good repair and treatment plan for carpets and rugs. The reasons are:
    • When carpets and rugs get stained, it is possible to erase them when they are recent and not too old or have dried out. Hence, regular cleaning is always regarded as the best means to keep the carpet clean and fresh.
    • TThe gathering of dust, mites, viruses, bacteria and other hazardous microorganisms can be avoided with a thorough cleaning and in this manner, you can retain the carpets in their good state. It is the best possible way to improve the lifespan of the luxurious carpets in an economical price than the periodic general cleaning once a year.
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    What are the benefits and reasons for hiring a professional carpet cleaning service?

    Even though it seems unlikely but in reality, the price of retaining the carpet in its original condition by experts is much reasonable as compared to the cleaning done by amateurs as the threat of ruining the carpet always exists and ultimately will cost way more than usual:
    • Complete and fast removal of stains and dirt is only possible when a skilled and professional hand is at work.
    • The professional cleaners possess the knowledge and expertise to clean and condition the carpets such that they look bright and brand new without losing their colours and by removing the chemical residues that result in their fading.
    • The odour removing techniques of the professionals are extraordinary. They efficiently remove all the foul smell and fill the room with a lingering sweet fragrance.
    • ·If you are looking for proper sanitisation of the carpet, then hiring cleaning experts is the most competent means. Mites, bacteria, moulds and certain other microorganisms proliferate in unclean carpets, which no DIY treatments can eliminate. Professional cleaning with certified disinfectants and cleaning solutions will keep the surrounding clean and sanitised.
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    • What types of services does carpet cleaning offer?

      Carpet cleaning can offer a wide range of services, from general floor cleaning to specific areas such as pet stains and odors. We can also provide stain removal and restoration services, as well as carpet protection.

    • What carpet cleaning services do you offer?

      We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services that include deep and surface cleaning, stain removal, pet urine removal, and more. We also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure you're getting the best possible service.

    • What types of services do you offer?

      We offer cleaning, sanitization, and restoration services in residential and commercial complexes.

    • Can you clean my carpet?

      Yes! At supreme cleaners, we have the experience and equipment to clean carpets of all kinds. Our team offers a wide range of services to suit your specific needs, so you can be sure that your carpet will look and smell great when we're done.