How to Dry Clean Curtains at Home?

How to Dry Clean Curtains at Home?

How to Dry Clean Curtains at Home?

Curtains can add a touch of elegance to any room, while also protecting against harsh sunlight and cold. However, they draw a lot of dust and dirt from outside. Therefore, their cleaning and maintenance should be carried out regularly and due attention should be paid to the same.

Fortunately, curtains and drapes are items that you can dry clean right at home. Dry cleaning can be a very effective cleaning solution for curtains that can give desirable results. Read ahead to know how you can carry out dry cleaning of your curtains at home.

Dry Cleaning Using Machine-Wash

Check the label on the curtains before machine-washing them. Fabrics such as sheer, nylon, cotton and polyester can be washed in the machine. Lace ones also can be machine-washed with due precaution.

  • Take out all hooks and rings

Firstly, take out all hooks, rings and other hardware from the curtains before tossing it into the machine.

  • Carry out a patch test

It is important to carry out a patch test on your curtains before cleaning the whole thing. Dilute cleaning solution with water and then apply it on a small area of the curtain. Dab it using paper towel to check if any colour gets transferred on the towel. If you find colour on the paper, you can still machine wash it but with cold water and delicate wash cycle.

  • Keep the delicates in a bag

Put delicate curtains inside a mesh bag. Place the bag in the washing machine for cleaning after that. The bag will protect the curtains from any damage and getting frayed. Old pillowcases also can be used for the same for effective cleaning of the delicate curtains.

  • Wash them in cold water setting

Add laundry wash or detergent to the machine and then wash the curtains in cold water.

  • Dry the curtain

You can air dry the curtains outside or dry them on the lowest setting of the dryer. Make sure to remove the curtains when they are a bit moist and then use the dryer. This will prevent wrinkling on its surface and also ensure the ironing after that gives out the best results.

  • Iron the curtain

Place a thin sheet, towel or tee-shirt to protect the curtain from direct heat while ironing it. Put on the rings, hooks, and pins on the curtain and then hang it back on its place.

Dry Cleaning it Manually

  • Fill a tub or a bucket with cold water

You will need a wide tub or a bucket to wash the curtains. It can be used after filling it up with cold water.

  • Add detergent

Add a mild laundry detergent to the water and stir it carefully. Make sure it dissolves completely in the water. You also need to ensure the detergent is suited to the fabric. Using regular detergent can be damaging for your curtains because of its chemical content.

  • Put the curtain in it for cleaning

Immerse the curtain in this cleaning solution and wash it carefully and gently. Using careful motions while washing prevents discoloration or colour damage. Make sure to also wash the lines in the curtain in a gentle manner.

  • Rinse out the curtains

Remove the soapy water from the tub or bucket and replace it with clean water. Rinse the curtains till all the foam doesn’t get released from the curtains. Squeeze excess water out of the cleaned curtains little by little.

  • Drying of the curtain

Put up the curtain for drying on a drying rack without scrunching up the fabric as that can cause creases on it. Make sure the curtains are not dripping wet at the time of drying them. Do not keep them directly in sunlight as that can cause the fabric to shrink or discolour.

Tips For Curtain Cleaning

  • Use oxygen bleach for cleaning yellowed and dirty curtains before putting them in the machine for a wash. Skipping the bleach application may not clean out the curtains in an effective manner.
  • Spread out the curtains on the floor or bed for proper vacuuming.
  • Wipe down windowsills, grills, and the windows regularly. Dust on these surfaces goes and settles on the curtains making them look dusty and soiled.
  • Clean the ceilings regularly with a duster to remove cobwebs and prevent them from settling on the curtains.

Clean curtains are a very much important part of any home décor. However, just like other décor items in the house, they also catch a lot of dust, dirt, cobwebs, pet hair and other contaminants with regular use.

Maintaining a regular curtain cleaning routine consisting of vacuuming and washing them once every 2-3 months can help greatly in keeping your curtains in a clean condition. Also do not forget to hire experts for curtain cleaning services from time to time for deeper and more professional cleans.