Things Which You Must Consider While Buying Curtains

Things Which You Must Consider While Buying Curtains

Did you buy a new home? Or do you want to renovate your old one? Well, buying new furniture and home décor is not enough. You need to bring in new and suitable curtains. You get to see a variety of patterns in curtains from light and breezy to ornamental and sheer curtains.  Here are some things which you need to check before buying curtains.

1.  Consider your factors like privacy and blocking sunlight before buying curtains-

The first factor which you need to consider before buying curtains is see what your room needs. Many times people choose drapes, curtains, shades and blinds without knowing their difference. Curtains are made from thin material and are generally useful for made for mere privacy purposes, but blinds are made for blocking sunlight. This makes curtains more suitable for living rooms and blinds more suitable for bedrooms.

2.  Choose the right fabric-

The fabric plays an important role in choosing curtains. From light cottons, sheer lace, medium weight brocades to velvet, you have plenty of options available for curtains.  Two eminent things which you might need to consider is that heavy curtains are suitable for traditional home décor while sheer curtain fabrics are more suitable for contemporary and minimalistic rooms.

You need to remember that every fabric is different and gives a different look to the room. So, choose your fabric wisely!

3.  Choose the right color according to your home décor and furnishing-

Curtains need to complement your home décor and other furniture. You might either select the drapes which complement your décor or are contrast to the décor. Also, if your are choosing printed curtains and blinds, you might need to harmonize the prints with your furnishings and with other upholstery.

4.  Decide whether you want solid curtains or printed curtains-

You might either opt for patterns or for solid colors. If all your furniture is solid, then you might go for printed curtains, however if other furniture has some kinds of patterns, then you might go for solid curtains. You can also pair your curtains with printed cushion or rugs. To add quirky look, you can use bright colors and floral or animal prints, while if you wish to give your room soft and soothing look, then you can go for subtle toned curtains.

5.  Choose the perfect length-

Curtains which fall exactly on the floor are in trend these days. However, if you have pets or kids in your home, then that might not be a smart thing. You need to consider this factor and choose the correct length of your curtains.

6.  Measure width of your curtain-

You need to buy the drapes which are made to give your home a neat and clean look.  A perfect width of your curtains is dependent on the size of your door or window, so it is good to take all the measurements beforehand and then choose the curtains.

7.  Buy additional accessories for your curtain-

Curtain ties are an amazing way of sprucing up their design and to tone them down. Also, the curtain trims and accessories might be accompanied light drapes for adding richness and elegance.

8.  Decide whether you want curtains with linings or without lining-

Drapes with curtain lining provide you with privacy and permit enough sunlight in your room. However, if you are looking for sheer curtains which would give delicate look to the entire room, then you can opt for curtains without lining. So, you need to decide whether you wish to bring in enough sunlight or block it and then choose the curtains accordingly.

9.  Choose the fabrics according to needed maintenance-

Drapes which come with stitched pleats and swags need to be dry cleaned

The fabric and material of a curtain decides how it should be cleansed and what the way of cleaning should be. Also, while all the curtains need to be washed after every 5-6 months, there are some fabrics which need extra care and frequent washing.  Low maintenance fabrics- In case you are in search of curtains which need low maintenance, then you can go for cotton or synthetic fabrics. These curtains can be washed in machines in order to eliminate dust allergies in kids or pets.

Fabrics with high maintenance- Although any curtain which has swags or pleats needs dry cleaning, still some fabrics like silk, wool and sheer curtains need to be dry cleaned or hand washed with cold water for retention of their colors and shape

Also, you can choose to vacuum your curtains and drapes on a weekly basis in case you are vulnerable to dust allergies.

While deciding perfect fabric for your curtain, you always need to take an overview of the entire room and also consider the decor. Also, remember that all types of curtains will sustain longer if they are cleaned and maintained regularly. So, it is best if you hire professional Curtain Cleaning Perth . So, connect with Supreme Cleaners now and get best curtain cleaning services.