Tips To Keep In Mind While Curtain Cleaning

Tips To Keep In Mind While Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are one of the essential elements of your home. From controlling the light and outside pollutants, they also help in increasing the artistic beauty of your resident or office. Over time, the colour and tone of your curtains tend to deteriorate due to deeply settled molds and fungus. To look beautiful and inevitable, your curtain must be cleaned on the regular basis.

Every curtain has a different set of clean instruction. In this article we have curated a guide for different curtain types to clean your curtains thoroughly.

  • Always remove the curtains from the nooks of the curtains
  • It is mandatory to keep removing dust particles from your curtains now and then. You can either use a vacuum cleaner or shake your curtains outside of your home to prevent any kind of dust accumulation on carpet, mattress and furniture.
  • Read the instruction carefully before you vacuum clean your curtains. If the fabric of your curtains allow then remove your curtains, put it on a mattress and then do vacuum cleaning.
  • If the fabric of your curtains is not machine friendly, then go for a hand wash. If your curtains permit machine wash, then carefully select the fabric of your curtains and then according choose the detergent powder or liquid for the cleaning.
  • Ensure that the curtains are completely dry. Try to put the curtains at a place which does not allow curtains to catch stains.

Once the curtain cleaning process is completed the next step which you have to take is to restore the appearance and tone of your curtains. Here are a few informative steps which you have to follow to rejuvenate your curtains:

  • Once you notice that your curtain is 90% dry then you have to place your curtains upside down while ironing. In case the fabric of your curtains are too thin then you can try ironing using butter better or a soft cloth above the curtain while ironing.
  • Make sure that the heat of iron is as per the fabric of your curtain
  • If while ironing your curtains there are any wrinkles then you can try stretching the pleats of the curtain.

Here Are Some Add On Tips To Keep In Mind While Curtain Cleaning

  • Try using cleaning solutions which are suitable for the fabric of your curtains
  • If you are using a washing machine for curtain cleaning and it has the option of easy ironing, then make sure to choose that
  • Try using solutions which are colour friendly and do not cause any damage to your curtains
  • Try not to use extremely hot water while curtain cleaning
  • If you have very stubborn stains on your carpet, then it is highly recommended to opt for a curtain cleaning service. Curtain cleaning experts use green solutions to give a most attractive and new look to your draperies.

To conclude, it is always recommended to hire a professional expert who can clean your drape with utmost precision. Also, we have a team of experts who can make your drapes look stain and germ-free.