How long is the drying process of the carpet?

How long is the drying process of the carpet?

Carpet cleaning session is essential for the carpets to look beautiful and retain their shine. However, it is important to know that carpets must be dried immediately after the cleaning session. If you keep the carpet moist for too long, it can be a breeding ground for mould and other microbes. However, several manufacturers have wondered how long it takes to dry the carpets.

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Below are a few reasons why the drying process of the carpets can be delayed:

Characteristics of Carpet

Every fibre in the carpet requires a different time duration to dry, so it is important to look for a carpet dryer that provides a good cleaning service in a short time. Fortunately, many techniques can speed up the drying time of your carpet, such as flood cleaning. The length of the stack also makes a remarkable difference in the drying time. A longer pile can hold a good amount of moisture, which makes it dry longer.

Weather condition

Although it is a common fact that heat contributes to evaporation, one factor also plays an important role in drying time: moisture. Places along the coast, have low humidity, so low humidity on very hot days shortens the drying time. Moreover, the humidity content is higher in the rainy season, which increases the drying time.

The 24-hour rule

If the carpet remains moist for more than 24 hours, the moist fibres attract microbes, which later develop into mould or mould. This then spreads to other parts of the house and causes damage to the carpets. Mould can be inhaled and transmitted through the air, although this is not a problem for adults, but can have serious health consequences for children, such as diarrhoea, vomiting, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Drying your carpet in the 24-hour window.

The drying time is dependent on the amount of water that has gone inside the carpet and in what climate you live. Water also compresses the fibres of the carpet, so walking on a wet carpet reduces its life span. The primary thing to be done in such uncontrollable situations is to hire an expert who will offer the right solutions. Wearing wet carpets can cause damage to your home’s clothing and fabric.

In regions with higher humidity, carpet cleaning takes longer, and for this reason, you can dry the carpet yourself with a fan. The air coiler ensures that the air inside your carpet moves more and more. With a wind-down fan, your carpets dry out quickly even in areas of high humidity.

We, therefore, recommend that you hire a specialist to carry out this task or contact Supreme cleaners for further information on how to clean and dry your carpet as efficiently as possible. The team sent by our company has all the tools and equipment needed to remove the water and also to eradicate the microbes.