5 Ways Of Cleaning Wine Stains From Latex Mattresses

5 Ways Of Cleaning Wine Stains From Latex Mattresses

Wine is a perfect drink for celebrating special occasions. But what if it spills on your mattress? Well, then you will need some easy and efficient tips to get rid of the wine stains from your latex mattress. Also, you can hire professional Mattress Cleaning in Perth.

In case you have a red wine stain on your mattress, then here are some easy and efficient ways of cleaning it.

1.  Soap & Water

Using soap and water on a stain is an old school method which stands the test of time. You can take a bowl full of water and add mild soap to it. Then take a sponge and blot it on the stain. Do not be rub the stain too hard. You only need to blot the stain and leave it for drying. This method can work best on stains which are new.

2.  Soda and salt-

Soda is a best stain removing agent and gives good results in minimal time.  It is always a relief to have it ready in your kitchen when spill occurs. For this method, you can pour a generous portion of club soda on the stain and press it to bolt the stain. Also pour some salt and rub it gently on the stain. Repeat the steps couple of times till the stain has disappeared.

3.  White Vinegar

In case you do not have soda in your kitchen, then you can also use vinegar to wash. Vinegar also is an amazing substance which can help you in removing red wine stains. The sole disadvantage of using vinegar is that it has a strong smell. However, the smell will surely evaporate, so make sure that you use ample amount of vinegar for cleaning your mattress.

4.  Borax

Not everyone knows that borax can be an excellent cleaning agent for latex mattresses. To eradicate red wine mattress stains, you can mix the borax with a bowl full of warm water to make a paste, and then you can spread it over the stain, and rub it gently. Leave the mixture for some time and then brush away to and vacuum the area. You may need to use one of the above methods in case some amount of stain is left back on the mattress.

5.  Bleach

Bleach needs to be used as a last resort, and experts recommend that bleach needs to be used carefully and should be mixed with water. Stay aware that using bleach might also damage the colour of any other material which comes in its contact. Also, bleaches can be dangerous for your skin. So, make sure that you wear gloves while cleaning the stain with bleaches.

Although all the above given methods are great for cleaning red wine stains from your latex mattress, still there is a chance that some part of the stain can still be left untouched. So, it is best to connect with a professional mattress cleaner and get your mattresses cleaned from them.

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